Monday 19 February 2024


I haven't posted one of these photos for many years . . . . 

The sun is shining today and as I looked out of the window I saw this . . . . 

Not very inspiring you might think but let me give a background for the newcomers . . .

The folks who lived in this house opposite planted a line of daffodils along the grass verge at the base of this wall.  Beautiful sight every Spring but then they sold the house not long after we moved in.  

Coming home from work one evening, I noticed the new owner sat outside happily digging . . . 

Yes, every single bulb was dug up . . .  I don't know whether he thought they were garlic . . .  onions . . . .??!!!

Such a shame  . . . . 

A few years later I noticed a couple of long green leaves appearing . . . . 

Then one year a single flower . . . . 

Today . . . .

and lookee along here . . . . .

another single flower . . . . .

Bravo Daffodils!!  Bravo!!!

Wednesday 14 February 2024

WOYWW #767

 WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! 

Visit here to find a friendship ring that goes on  . . .and on . . .and on . . 

Hurray!  I know what day it is . . . .  . hello friends!

Still trying to catch up with my creative swaps, all the while trying to fill the skip.  We have now made a big enough space in the boxroom for both of us to stand in there!!  Two hours a week is slow going but we are clearing . . . . 

I was so protective of everything but now, with the skip on the drive, I have decided I no longer need to keep all the paperwork Peter produced while studying for his degree in the late 1990's  . . . . . good times but not needed in the future . . . .  he has a folder of certificates etc going back to when he learnt to swim in 1959 . . . . I know . . .  not wanted on journey but  . . . . good to show the grandsons!!!

shelves are appearing . . . . 

So it goes on . . . . 


I bag of knitting wools . . . .  inside . . .


Just a quick peek as they have already found a home with the great, great nieces!

Anyhoos . . .  we're not here to listen to me waffling, we're here to see 
THE DESK . . . . 

Lots of creative work here . . . all to do with the time of the year . . . . so to all my friends . 
Kung Hei Fat Choi 

Wednesday 7 February 2024

WOYWW #766

   WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! 

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   Such days . . . . I am very discombobulated . . . 

Managed to work out it's Wednesday, thanks to BBC Radio 4!!

Then trying to remember how to do this . . .  getting beyond me  . . . .


here I am!!

Back in the craft studio, attempting to create ATCs for February having missed most of December, all of January  . . . . at least I am able to sit at my desk for a while, all thanks to my helper lady (Lyn) who comes in on a Monday for a few hours.  Lyn managed to work out how my lovely new chair works so here I am  . . . .

She is marvellous, taking me out to the shops when I need retail therapy, tidying up behind me etc.  We have been clearing out the boxroom (at last!!) and trying to fill the big skip parked on my drive!  lol

Anyhoos . . . .  here I am at last . . .

the desk

Lots of papers to cut and stick . . .   some coins and ATCs are finished but one more set to do.

Short but sweet today as my SIL is coming with supplies . . .  fancy me some Bread and Butter pudding . . . . just call me old fashioned!!

Wednesday 17 January 2024

WOYWW #763

  WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! 

Visit here to find a friendship ring that goes on  . . .and on . . .and on . . 

What a bright sunny morning we have here . . .  the outside temperature is just about freezing and the only way it is moving is downwards to -5C so I'm staying indoors.

Oscar and I are learning to live together, under protest some times as cylinders are not all the same type, and my hands cannot grip very well to turn the dials . . .  but we're getting there . . .

The desk:

Not the sort of card one enjoys making but there seems that a lot of goodbyes to parents have been said lately so I need to up my stock.

Then it will be thank you cards for the hospital ward staff.  

It has taken me some time to get into the craft room as I have slowly been taking down the Christmas tree and village . . . so slowly I was tempted to just leave it all up ready for the next one!!  lol

But I'm here so here's to the future at last . . . roll on 2024 . . . I'm ready for you now!

The screen:

Wednesday 10 January 2024

WOYWW #762

 Good Morning my friends from my desk here on home turf!!

I came home on January 6th after arrangements had been put in place and my wonderful daughter took care of it all and waited for me to arrive.

My life has significantly altered now . . . I have a companion to accompany me everywhere I walk, namely an oxygen tank called Oscar.  Sometimes it travels in a back pack, sometimes it is in a trolley, but always within reach.  Yes, it is heavy (3Kg) and, I find, complicated to strap into either packs but it helps to stop a lot of my breathing problems.

I wont go into the details of why or how or when I ended up in hospital but tell you that I didn't realise how ill I was and it was thanks to a Locum Doctor who saved my life . . . . there's no two ways about that . . . 

On the plus side . . . I had a marvellous Christmas and New Year, the best for a long time.  I feel as though I have been away and stayed for two weeks in one of the best hotels  . . . honestly, it was so good.  The staff  . . . Oh! I don't need to tell you, you know  . . .  

So today being WOYWW I wander into my studio and what do I find . . . .

The desk:

December swaps waiting to be posted!!!

Just as I left it all.  

This craft space will HAVE to be sorted now as there needs to be room for Oscar in this crowded room . . . . 

It's good to be home, I miss all that I had over Christmas/New Year things like the heat!!, being waited on, food cooked for me. BUT

I am back and looking forward to this new life.

On a purely Christian note  . .  I have prayed for healing for a fair few months but I was like the man on the roof until The Locum Doctor came on the scene with the ultimate life boat.  I received a Scripture while in hospital telling me my prayers were answered and then another to tell me that my future would be different but it was assured.  

Without Jesus I could not have come through this, without His love and care to support me there would be nothing. I give Him all the praise, thanks and glory.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

WOYWW #761

Well, I'm still here with no sign of a going home date!

I don't mind though, the staff are wonderful, the food is good and I am warm without the worry of big bills.  I will probably be sent home just before the snow hits town!!  lol   

I look forward to crafting madly when I do get home and being able to share some photos.... until then remember this is a New Year, all nice and clean....don't  get it dirty too soon!!


Sorry my friends for the  cryptic clue last week.  I only posted the Menu I was greeted with on arrival cos I didn't  people thinking "oh! No! How awful!"  when the choices were....Christmas on my own, suffering or in hospital, making friends.  I have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year just like being on holiday!!! So that's  how I'm  thinking of it.  Always wanted to go away for Christmas   lol

Please be happy for me not sorry or sad.. . 

Wednesday 27 December 2023

WOYWW #760

 Hope you all had a good Christmas and, after being good all  year, had a naughty time.  Lots of cake, chocolate and wine!!! (Other food and alcohol available)

I am having a great Christmas, being looked after, waited on and three meals a day!

Happy WOYWW, see you all in 2024, hopefully from home!


I haven't posted one of these photos for many years . . . .  The sun is shining today and as I looked out of the window I saw this . . ....