Wednesday, 11 September 2019

WOYWW #536

My thanks to Julia (see tab at top of page) for hosting another get together of deskers.

My desk is here at the moment .....
As you can see we just have the last little bit of weeds to clear.... but all the roses are pruned!!

My desk in the meantime has become a dumping ground again!
We popped into Solihull to visit a few shops, mainly Lakeland as I need to make some more marmalade, and I managed a flying visit the Works...... nuff sed?!?!
Among the dies and stamps there is also a paint brush stand which I thought would be useful to sit atop my latest trolley.... not made up yet.!!
I also bought some new inks - Smiths do bogof on the inks - and a couple of games for the boys.
Before we started on the garden I was looking for some more threads for my stitching and found some stencils so I thought I might have a play .... paper meets stencil!
The glasses are breeding at last!  have now managed to get enough pairs so that each room is allocated a pair.... save my legs .... so long as I remember to remove the glasses before I leave the room!!  lol

The stitching should be completed soon.  This was the latest photo, although my camera has a better photo which the PC software wont show but you get the drift.....
I am hoping I will be able to finish next week.

I am off to fetch the little one now, lots of visiting to do.
You have fun.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

WOYWW #535

My thanks to Julia (see tab at top of page) for hosting another get together of deskers.

For a change I am sitting at my desk listening to Classic FM.  I am a Radio 2 fan but just lately I have found that Classical Music is chilling me out ..... although I am known for joining in on several 'tunes' like Land of Hope and Glory, 1812 overture, William Tell etc.!!!!

My desk has been reorganised as yet another trolley has found its way into the room..... this time it has paints etc and papers filling its shelves!!!
The Desk
You may, or not may, notice all the pencils and ink pads have disappeared which leaves me a larger workspace. 
Laptop now has room to move to the back of the desk, the rather large glass of orange juice, hopefully, is in a safe position, and there is room to do stamping. 
All my externals and stamp blocks fit in the plastic box next to the laptop so I don't have to make room for them any more as the cables from the externals reach my laptop from there.
I am not taking any bets as to how long this will last..... but it looks good at the moment.

Can you see the tiny matchbox?  I have stamped some leaves and will now proceed to cut very tiny cards to fit inside the matchbox......guess the theme!!!

Well, that's the desk and I am making the most of it as we will be starting on the garden makeovers next week. 
We have a new henhouse and it has to be built inside the ranch .......  The idea is to clear the rosebed out front, take out all the wood chippings on the floor of the ranch and add to the rosebed as a mulch.  The roses love all that s**t fertiliser and mulch.  We will remove the current henhouse and relay the floor with fresh wood chippings.  THEN the new henhouse can be built, hopefully while the hens are on holiday!!!
Crafting will have to take second place I'm afraid ...... weather dependant of course!!! lol
Have a good week whatever you're doing...

Monday, 2 September 2019

ATCs and Coins (August 2019)

Looks like I haven't posted to this part of the Blog for nigh on twelve months..... I didn't realise it has been that long.
I will try to correct this without being too boring.
I think I posted about the new swaps (Coins) giving us five swaps a month ..... says it all....

Back in 2018.....
I posted about the August Theme -here - all separate pictures which I no longer keep.... I mean I keep the photos but only in groups of three..... space saving you see.
Single photos mean l o n g  Blog posts so I will start from this August ..... I don't think anyone will notice that there is a year's photos missing .......

August 2019
The Theme is Butterflies & Dragonflies (think I posted about my selection)
Bright, embossed, superb even if I do say so myself!

I received the following from:
JanW, JanS & Lisa.
Thank you all so much.

August Colour - Blue
I used some of the stamps I received from The Crop for these cards.

I received the following from Gerry, Thelma & Tina.  Thank you all so much.

August Swap
The Replica Packs came into use for these cards, ripping, tearing and collaging.

Real flowers, pressed and dried on the middle card!
Thank you Philippa.
August Coins - Famous People

Into Fashion here, love these designers.

These coins were received from JanW, Lin & Gerry.  Thank you all so much.

Feeling Blue
The colour maybe blue but I hope the sentiments are uplifting.

I received these wonderful coins: Thelma, Philippa & Lisa. Thank you all so much.

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Our little girls are growing up!

They don't look any different except maybe there's a comb growing here and there but today.......

FOUR eggs! 

Such clever girls! 

PJ said there were three in one nest box and one in the other box. 

Sad isn't it that such a small thing makes two people so very happy.....

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

WOYWW #534

The desk

I did it!!
I managed to persuade PJ to drive out into the countryside ..... so I could visit Amelia's....
I needed wanted loved those cow stamps, you know the ones ...... DDN would love a card created using one of these images...

Ok..... here's the real shot of my desk!!
I haven't managed to persuade PJ to drive me over for a couple of years so one has to make the most of a visit in person!!!
Thought I would add to my Brusho colours... then a few more stamps fell into my basket .... and some stencils.... some tiny dies along with some flower dies.... and a topper pack....and then I stopped looking at the shelves!!!!
I am sure that you all understand how it goes!
I shall post my creations as and when as I hope to catch up on my blogging activity.
Have a good week everyone
My thanks again to Julia (see tab at top of page) for hosting another get together of desk.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Card Catch up - June, July and August

Noobies Swap
Back to my Steampunk roots!   Using up some leftovers on the desk.

A really beautiful heavy card.
Thank you LindaS.

Style swap - Circles
Stamped some circles using a piece of foam.  Image from some wrapping paper.

Gorgeous embossed and coloured card.
Thank you Lucie.

Technique - Fun Fold
Swing fold using the Teddy Bear paper.

Bridge fold in super colours.
Thank you Olive

Colour - Red

Diecuts and peel offs.

Sparkly gel pens used for colouring here.
Thank you Olive

Noobies Swap

I did so enjoyed using all these stamps from Creative Expressions.

Opening this great card certainly brought a smile to my face.
Thank you Karen.

Style - Floral

Loved this card until I put on the wrong sentiment!!  Hope my partner can do something with it.

More diecuts!!  great minds and all that.
Thank you LaVerne.

Technique swap - Stitched

Still tidying up and still finding stash - this time peel offs.
Beautiful stitching on this card.
Thank you Sheila.

Colour Swap - Multi

Will have to get some more Brushos so I can repeat this card - simple but effective.
Watercoloured 'flowers', whats not to like?
Thank you LaVerne.

SlamDunk Swap - multi coloured, stitched, floral card!!

More stash being used.

Love the frames and that butterfly .... just sitting there...
Thank you Jackie.

Noobies swap

Using one of my Go Wild stamps on a chalk background.

Love the design of this card and superb papers used.
Thank you Lucie.

Technique swap - Make your own background

I spritzed a piece of card with yellow and copper then embossed it while it was still damp.  Very pleased with the result.

Very clever technique of using cellophane.  Love it!
Thank you Olive.

Colour swap - Gold

Shades of purple with diecut from gold card.

I didn't join in with the style card as it was Children's card...... hope to acquire some suitable stamps & dies soon.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Card catch up - March, April & May

It would appear that I haven't posted any details of my card swaps since February ..... could you stand seeing them all brought up to date here?  Nah!  Wouldn't inflict that on anyone ...... maybe a month or two at a time.
Here we go:
Noobie swap
My card used some papers and toppers from Making Cards magazine.
A beautiful mixture of peel offs used on this pretty card.
Thank you Sheila.

Colour swap - Pastels
 My card uses some beautiful paper from my stash with peel offs.
Several embossed diecuts laid out on this card.
Thank you ChrisN.

Style Swap - Floral
Pretty and vintage.
 Lots of hard work gone on creating this card.
Thank you Olive.

I didn't join in with the Technique swap as it was Eclipse cards and I don't have any suitable dies.

Noobies swap
I love this little piggy image!  I didn't add a sentiment but left a space for one to be added.
This is a gorgeous piece of embossing - love it.
Thank you LindaS.

Colour Swap - Grey
Grey backgrounds brought this card into the right colour.
Love this design!
Thank you Lucie.

Style Swap  - April Showers

I used one of my Lacey Sunshine images for this card.
Beautiful parchment card from the Boss Lady herself!!
Thank you Jackie.

Technique - Matting and Layering

I'm not very good at this so considered this as practice!!
Another bright and cheerful card.
Thank you Olive.

Noobie Swap
An image from my stash coloured using watercolour pencils.
A very pretty card with a tiny notecard enclosed.
Thank you LindS

Colour Swap - Brights
I found this background in my stash as I was 'tidying up'.  After adding the bright yellow embellishments I think if fitted the bill.
Now this really is bright and I think the words 'Patience' and 'Job' come to mind when looking at the background.
Thank you Lucie.

Technique swap - Peel Offs

I paper pieced this peel off and added a few butterflies around.  Simple but I think .... sweet.
This is a good idea.... peel offs added to vellum and coloured before fussy cutting.
Thank you Jackie.

I give up with Blogger ..... wish I could figure out how to make it stick with the layout I want!