Wednesday, 15 January 2020

WOYWW #554

Happy New Year!
I survived Christmas after all so here is the desk....

My GPs and Consultants appear to have it all sorted now and I am certainly feeling a lot better.  I am trying to catch up with all the 'things' that had to be left while I was'under the weather'.......

Here is the desk

From the left .....
a small Zine, should've been swapped back in November but hope to post it tomo.  To the right of the laptop ..... that passport renewal form is still there ...... but more importantly is the folder.  It may be a very pretty pink flowered one but it contains lots of patterns to knit, crochet and stitch little pouches and nest for the poor wild life caught up in the fires in Australia.  I have sent out copies to members of my craft Group so that we can collect some 'help' for the animals.  I have a local hub which will distribute  them out to Australia..... so organised in such a short time but the support has been tremendous!
Hoping to catch up again soon
Just a thought ... it would have been my daughter's 43rd birthday today.  Happy Birthday Leanne Denise, too beautiful for this life here on earth......

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Australian Wild Animal Rescue Collective

I found this Group on Facebook and joined immediately.  My prayers are for the Rescuers and animals and land as I thought this was all I could offer.
Now I can knit and crochet to my hearts content and then send it out to my nearest 'Hub' which happens to be a few miles away.
In case you would like to join in here is the link.... please feel free to spread the word.

I think this is the link for the Main Group - not really au fait with Facebook

this is the West Midlands link - again I think

Wombats in Stitched pouches

Bat Wraps and Joey Slings

Joey Pouches


more nests of various sizes

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Birthday 2019

Well, another dank miserable day dawns ..... so dark it's not worth opening the curtains!!!

But, heigh ho .... it's my birthday!!  Another bonus, another year achieved.... although I must admit my friend was right ..... when I was 65 she told me "enjoy it, it will be all downhill from now on!!"

I have received a card.......

made by one of the ladies from my Craft Group, thank you Jill. 

It arrived bright and early in the week and I have been able to enjoy for quite a few days.

Ooooo Look!  The Postman .....

I am not going to rush excitedly to the door ...... well, maybe just a bit......


from my sister in law, Thank you Doreen.

So now comes the long wait until tonight .......
The family are going for a meal, I am hoping there will be more cards and maybe a pressie or two.  I wanted to go to this particular restaurant just to have a nosey really at how the place has been refurbished.  I am hoping that the toddler area has been cleaned up and repaired.
I am already enjoying one present as I shared earlier.......

They are so ..... love 'em to bits!!

Well, I am off now to do some more birthday things...... clean sheet the bed, catch up on my mails......

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

WOYWW #549

WOYWW - All the deets on how to link up etc. and, more importantly, why you should, can be found at the top to the page.  Thank you Julia for hosting another week of fun and mayhem.

Another busy week for Doctor and Hospital visits but we are still here!!!

The desk:
Just a dumping ground at the moment.
The cards are still there, along with the insert stamps.
All the bumpf from our trip on the Polar Express.
A New Year stamp has fallen out of the box but all else is as it is.

We haven't managed to get any further with setting up the Christmas Village although a 'Brass Band' and some 'Skiers' did fall into our basket the other day when we went out with the Boys!!

Still ..... onward and upward.....

Here's a few Christmas Carols for you:

1 Approach Everyone Who is Steadfast.
2 Ecstasy Toward the Orb
3 Hush, the Foretelling Spirits harmonise
4 Quiescent Nocturnal Period the Ascent of Apollo
5 The Autocratic Troika Originating Near 90 degrees N Latitude
6 The Primary Carol
7 Embellish the Corridors
8 I'm Fantasising Concerning a blanched Yuletide
9 I apprehended My Maternal Parent Osculating with a Corpulent, Unshaven Male in Crimson.
10 Obese Personification Fabricated of Compressed Mounds of Minute Crystals

and there's more .......Answers next week

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Christmas Dinner 2019

This year the Craft Group and the Volunteers chose the same day for their Christmas Meal
Shame.... I can only attend one ...... The Craft Group won!!!
We booked in at the Crowne Plaza in Solihull.  Little did they know what disruption we would be causing!!!

The table was beautifully laid but of course this numpty forgot to use her camera!!!

We had lots of fun while we waited for our food, the waiters must've thought the 'inmates' had arrived.

We all managed to fire off our 'rocket' balloons, all at once and they went all over the restaurant.  Much laughter ensued..... must note here that it was NOT my instigation!!!  lol

These pretty gold boxes came home with us of course.... and the serviettes ......

We spent the best part of two hours there and all agreed it was wonderful, the food was very tasty, the company the best and we should all do it again soon.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

WOYWW #548

WOYWW - All the deets on how to link up etc. and, more importantly, why you should, can be found at the top to the page.  Thank you Julia for hosting another week of fun and mayhem.

As our honourable leader says..... welcome to the season of goodwill and enormous workloads.

The desk....
Not a lot going on.... well, it is but slowly, oh! so slowly.....
To the left are a serviette and place setting - remnants of the Craft Group Christmas dinner.
Next to that is a nominal Christmas present - needing to be wrapped properly and posted.
The stamp file is out again so that I can search my stamp stash without moving from my chair!!!
Calibur etc. still waiting to be finished and put away ..... sooon.

Short but sweet this week, just like me!!

What do angry mice send each other at Christmas time?    Cross mouse cards!

If you are in second place and overtake the person in second place what place are you in?   Second

Friday, 29 November 2019

Father Christmas and all that....

After the hospital visit we had to wait nearly an hour for the next bus, so we decided to pop into the local telephone shop as we had a couple of queries....
For one thing, I needed to know why I could only get the Internet intermittently.
"I'll just have a look at your account" says the man...

My phone is sooo old that after he had picked himself up from the floor he suggested a new phone as it would be cheaper! 
I concurred and, while he went off to fetch the model we to which we had agreed, I noticed some ipads........
The upshot was .... I had Tablet and new Android for the same price as I am paying now!!!
PJ and I discussed all the ins and outs, PJ is not near enough to the end of his telephone contract to upgrade just now but we could each have a Tablet and it would not affect our Telephone Bill by much .... doesn't affect my Bill!!  lol
I guess Father Christmas has started his deliveries already ...... yay! to Father Christmas.