Wednesday, 15 May 2019

WOYWW #519

Our weekly meetup of show & tell workdesks ...... love this little get together every week..... in the comfort of our own homes ..... come and join us ..... our Hostess Julia (deets at the top of the page) won't mind - I'm sure she'd say 'more the merrier' so come on in .....

Back home after a wonderful was..... really!  I stitched and PJ read and then on Wednesday it brightened up and we went out along the beach.  The waves were still having a lot to say but it was a good bracing walk.
On Thursday we went out on the proverbial exploration and had an interesting day so all good.  We have booked to go back next year hoping that there are no accidents or bad weather!!!

The desk....

I have a lot to catch up as we had no internet (see last week's post below) while we were away..... so I have been adding 'bits' to this ready for the day I can come back in.
So here I am using the laptap.  To the left of which are my birthday tags and behind them .... my post which needs answering and photographing as it all contains swaps of one sort or another.  Behind the laptop are the small stackers in which are my tiny diamantes and beads. In the boxes next are some peel offs ready for the Technique Swap.  Then we have some magazines and papers ready to be 'filed' or just probably put away (usually the latter!)
On the far right by the Calibur is one of my white boxes.  This contains all the peel offs that are too large for the acrylic boxes, they are my 'fancy' ones which look like ribbons with beads.
Sitting on top are some Chocolate Baroque Steampunk stamps ready to use for a Steampunk Flowers swap.
Not chaos but organisation ..... that's the way I roll!!
Have a good week won't you .... we hope to start clearing, pruning and rearranging the garden .... Rhoda the chicken is in for a treat as we will be clearing her run, setting up a new one round the soft fruit bushes, so she will have to go sort them out!!  One way to weed and fertilise at the same time!!!  lol

Have a good week and thank you to all who have let me know they would like to swap ATCs.... I am busy designing them (in my head!)

WOYWW #518

The one that was missed .......
Although this post was ready, it didn't publish and didn't get linked!!!

WOYWW - All the deets on how to link up etc. and, more importantly, why you should, can be found at the top to the page.  Thank you Julia for hosting another week of fun and mayhem.

No desk this week!
I am away from home .... again .... and I can see rain running down the windowpane and the wind whipping the sea to massive waves which crash upon the shore!!
My Stitching has found daylight ......
The weather forecast was not very good so we have packed macs and jumpers and food and books and stitching and card making ....... you get the picture.....
So here you have it.....

rain running down (not very clear)......

The waves crashing....

  The Stitching.
This is the Millennium Cross Stitcher ..... guess you can guess how long this has been going on!!!

 ... and we're off.......

Have a good week, we are ......

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

WOYWW #517

The being back home one.....
What a week is all I can say!
Super food, super friends, super bargains, super exploring, super discovering .... all the 'super's will be explained later.....

The desk....

Lower left the external drives are holding down my notes and business cards from last week.  I use the notes etc to remind me of what happened each day as I write my Blog.
On the right of my laptop is my 'to do' book, filled in for this month plus a couple of postcards purchased yesterday.  I like to send a postcard with my swaps and, although this is a photo of the next village along, it is nearest to where I live!
The rest of the desk remains much the same, looks a mess but it's really well organised!!  Honest.

As a postscript:  I have had several comments on 'the hand'.....
I use it to hold a card to inspire me or just because I like it!  I bought it with the thought in mind of using it as a photo-prop to hold my ATCs before I send them in the post.  It prefers to hold one card at a time!!  lol

Thank you to all my visitors last week, sorry if I didn't make it round to yours .... will try to do better this week.
BTW - this is the link you need to join in the merry mayhem that we know and love as 'What'sOnYourWorkdeskWednesday.

BTW BTW:  I hope to create my Anniversary ATCs next week, if you want to swap with me let me know and I can put one aside for you.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

WOYWW #516

Our weekly meetup of show & tell workdesks ...... love this little get together every week..... in the comfort of our own homes ..... come and join us ..... our Hostess Julia (deets at the top of the page) won't mind - I'm sure she'd say 'more the merrier' so come on in .....

Same desk .... different angle!!
I'm cheating as I'm probably late coming to the party .... out and about visiting houses etc.
I will update as soon as I can ......


Wednesday, 17 April 2019

WOYWW #515

What'sOnYourWorkdeskWednesday - if you want to find out more then checkout the WOYWW tab at the top of the page - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting this weekly meet up.

The desk....

I know .... quite's been a bad couple of days .... No doubt I will be crafting soon.  
I am about to write my Easter cards and then wash and pack .... I shall try to avoid Notre Dame, much too heartbreaking to visit.
We hope to visit Fontainebleau but we will see ... I will post and let you know if we succeeded!

Have a happy and blessed Easter, may the sun shine on one and all.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Un Chat Noir

R.I.P Epineau Les Voves, reunited with Barney on Rainbow Bridge.

                                For Peter